Jah 9 Talks Yoga, Herbs and Holistic Healing: “This is no Devil Thing, This is Life!”

Jamaican Warrior Goddess Vibes in the British countryside

On a rainy day in Hainault Forest Country Park in Chigwell, Essex, Jah9 and her band performed at One Love, the UK’s No. 1 reggae and dub camping festival. Running through new songs like “Humble Me” and the warrior anthem “Unafraid” from her new album, which would be released on the mystical date of September 9, 2016 (2+0+1+6=9) a perfect convergence of 9s. “Every time we come to England we get more love,” Jah 9 told Reshma B in an exclusive interview. They spoke about the making of Jah9’s 9mm Vol 2 (“It’s not a mixtape,” she insists. “It’s groundings”) and the whole “Year of the 9” concept. Video After The Jump…

“It is a universal overstanding,” Jah 9 explains. “It is the year of feminine arising, a year of completion and renewal, many many metaphysical events will be happening.” A student and teacher of yoga as well as a musician and producer, she tells Reshma B that her new album will be released on her own Steam Chalice productions. In both her yoga practice and her music, the aim is one and the same: moving oneself closer to the most high.

Reshma B: How much are you looking forward to September 9?

JAH9: I am just really excited. This is my first release as Steam Chalice productions. Working with some great producers who are my bredrens. And they’ve given me their permission to take their riddims and do as I please with them and then I was able to create my own music around my words—and that’s really what I have always wanted to do. So in the producer’s chair, putting out this record as 9 subtitled Ready for the World, and I just hope the people are as happy about it as I am.

Reshma B: You also promote marijuana which is now a herb that’s helping people—and for years this message was suppressed. 

JAH9: And we know why. We know that it’s economics. We know that once big Pharma don’t want people to be empowered that way. The message is getting out there. Chemotherapy is poison. That is not the approach. People are more willing to cut out them organs than feed themselves properly. A cure is much more expensive than prevention, UZIME?

Reshma B: Do you think marijuana goes hand in hand with that type of lifestyle?

Jah9: I think herbs in general. Herbs are our medicine. Marijuana is one of many medicines that Jah has given us, that the universe has prepared for us. If you watch the animals, when they are ill them go and eat bush. Dogs are not vegetarians but when they are ill they know which bush to go and find. You have your gideon weed, your meringa, You have so many different things in nature that people don’t have to be sick. They just slaughter Dr. Saby a while ago because he is spitting the truth. A whole lot of holistic practitioners of medicine went missing in the States. And this is all because they know that the cure is the way you eat. This is how you get things in your body. Pharmaceuticals are poison.

Reshma B: What do you you think of the law that Jamaica just passed the other day?

Jah9: I think it is a positive step. I think it is a little short sighted and it wasn’t so very well thought through. But any step in the right direction we give thanks for it, and at least the youths won’t be persecuted and given a criminal record for something that’s quite quite natural.

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