HEAR THIS: Dexta Daps “Mi C Mi Bed N Miss U”

Daps Gets All in His Feelings on this new Tune for the Ladies

You might know Dexta Daps from his street anthem “Shabba Madda Pot” or his new collab with M.I.A. “Foreign Friend,” but the latest release from the dancehall heartthrob is entitled “Mi C Mi Bed N Miss U.” According to the artist “It’s about a real-life situation where you miss that person so much you go home from work one day and you just see the bed and you’re like, “Oh my God! Where’s my significant other?” In a recent interview with Pigeons & Planes, the Seaview Gardens star speculated as to why she’s not by his side in the tune. “Maybe she’s out there with another man?” he said with a laugh. “I don’t know. Maybe she’s cheating? That’s why I give her a Chinese Jordan.” This led correspondent Reshma B to probe further on Daps’ views on male-female relationships, as his hit tune “7Eleven” outlines a very open-minded approach to commitment. “Let me tell you what I really believe. Whether or not she is doing it I will never know, so I’m not gonna put it in my mind that she’s not, I’m not gonna put it in my mind that she is. I just don’t care. If she does, I’m right at “I don’t care.” And if she’s not, I’m still at “don’t care.” Me are her are good. We are still good.” Elsewhere in the Pigeons & Planes feature, Daps speaks about working with M.I.A. and the real-life inspiration for “Shabba Madda Pot.” Check the new sounds, plus highlights from this rare interview. Audio After The Jump…

“Me look up the definition of the baddest an ah you” Run that…

Check out a few highlights from Daps’ Pigeons & Planes interview:

On the M.I.A. Collab:

“M.I.A. came down here and told me she wanted to do a song, we just got together and the magic happened… We just did a song about us. About she being my foreign friend and me being hers. ‘Paper Planes’ is my joint, and right now ‘Borders’ is really leading…”

Who thought of the song idea?
It was just a vibe. We were just chilling in the studio. We basically had a studio for a few days and we just stayed there and we just worked. It was just a vibe, me and her just chilling in one place. I mean, stuff comes up. You know what I’m saying? So as I said, my “foreign friend” came down to do a song and we did it!

On the meaning of his song “Shabba Madda Pot”:

“It’s all energy in that song. We made that song so we can dance, we can enjoy. But it also has meaning for my area, Seaview Gardens. It’s like my area’s history in that song. And when I say “Shabba Madda Pot” I’m not talking about Shabba there, I’m talking about his mum. His mum used to cook a lot of food for the community.

So it’s all real? His mom actually does that?
“Yes, yes it’s real life. This lady was so nice to the community she actually cooked and made sure that kids would have a meal. Or at least some soup. Just the courtesy and means of getting food. You know what I’m saying? So she did a lot for the community. And we definitely appreciate Muma Christie same way.”

Hearing Drake talk patois makes me feel:

“Proud to be a Jamaican. This culture is energetic. It is a culture of fun and laughter, you know what I’m saying? So anybody would wanna embrace it. So it’s not really surprising when you see other artists take up dancehall and do it.

I mean, it’s music. To me it’s just music. There’s no pop; there’s no dancehall. It’s just music. You need something inna your ears. I don’t care who sang it. I’m just listening to music and embracing good music. I mean, you have to feel good about that.

Being a Jamaican you have to feel proud. And it’s not like he’s using dancehall to just sing anything; he’s singing good songs. It’s actually hot songs. Number 1 songs. I’m proud of him for doing that.”

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