HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Nah Idle”

“If you never listen Popcaan song, mek sure you listen to dah one yah”

What a year Andrae Hugh Sutherland has had! Hits pon toppa hits in the dancehall. High-profile collabs. Shelling stages and killing sounds around the world. Smoking the highest and relishing close encounters with “some real star gyal.” In his latest tune, produced by Mini for E5 Records and distributed by the mighty 21st Hapilos, Poppy shares the secret of his success, and it’s pretty simple—but easier said than done. It all comes down to work. Hard work. That’s how you live the dream. That’s how you take care of your family. That’s how you climb up the ladder from asking your bredrens to give away promo CDs, to getting your songs played for free (while other artists have to shell out payola.) Mind you, it won’t help cure other peoples’ badmind or grudgefulness. “Artist ah cuss true the world prefer me,” Popcaan observes on the tune. But by avoiding idleness, you can climb the ladder too—thus avoiding the ill effects of badmind. “Wash out unno heart, unno heart too nasty,” Popcaan sings. “We nuh beg people, so no bwoy can style me.”  When Popcaan speaks of “Idle,” he’s not talking about American Idol, or worshipping false idols. He’s speaking of laziness, slothfulness, lack of initiative, purpose, or forward motion. Think of a car in neutral, revving the engine and getting nowhere fast.  Audio After The Jump…

“Idlers, the Devil will find you” Run that…

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  1. […] than done. It all comes down to work. Hard work. That’s how you live the dream. ” – Boomshots. “Nah Idle” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all major online digital stores […]

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