HEAR THIS: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad “Really True” PREMIERE

Dry & Heavy Rochester Rub a Dub

The Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) experience is not unlike Reservoir Dogs meets Gorillas in the Mist only with slightly disheveled pandas. At any given moment these five intrepid reggae musicians are traveling  state to stateon a daily mission to Make It Betterwhich just happens to be the title of the Rochester, New York–based band’s new album, dropping Sep 16th via the Rootfire cooperative. “There is a lot of intention in this release,” says singer-bassist James Searl. “We had a purpose to prove to ourselves recording this album. We wanted to know that we could put our heads down and do good work fast. It was a great release artistically. It uniquely sounds the most progressive of anything we have ever done while also sounding the most like our first album.” The drum roll rings out clear and true, the bass floods the place, and that organ melody sounds like it’s playing in the skate rink of your dreams. Boomshots proudly presents  a sweet slice of lovers rock from the forthcoming GPGDS album, asking a musical lovers question.  Audio After The Jump…

“This is a matter of conscience” Run that…

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