WATCH THIS: Rebelution “De-Stress” 360° Video Live at Red Rocks

California Reggae Posse Rocks Colorado

Sure they have a bassist named Marley, and that can’t be a bad thing for a reggae band—right? But way back when they were students at the University of California Santa Barbara, the members of  Rebelution probably never imagined that twenty years later they would be touring the world and topping the Billboard reggae charts—becoming basically the most popular reggae band in America. How did it happen? Well, things just kinda fell into place. In fact, the band’s latest album just happens to be called Falling Into Place. In case you’re not up on Rebelution, peep this virtual reality experience from a 2015 concert at Red Rocks in June 2015. (You can navigate around the video using the arrow keys.) And if you like what you hear, hit up their official site for tour info—they tour a lot. During Rebelution’s latest tour stop in NYC, Boomshots caught up with the guys. This band is so big, we could only fit three of them in our camera lens. Fortunately we also got a nice shot of Marley’s bobble-head doll, because it’s only right for him to be represented too. Video After The Jump…“Too blessed to be stressed” Run that…

Reasoning with Rebelution Part 1: Legalizing Ganja & Starting a Reggae Band

Reasoning with Rebelution Part 2: Making the album “Falling Into Place”

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