HEAR THIS: Jah9 “Fire Slaughter”

This Is Not A Mixtape; It’s A Numerological Revolution

Listen closely and try to keep up: 9 is the sum of the digits 2 + 0 + 1 + 6. Ergo, 2016 is the year of 9. 9 also represents the ninth letter, I, which is not so much a letter as it is a fully-fledged concept bearing profound significance within Rastafarian philosophy, philology, and epistemology. There must be something about the number 9. Not to get all Deep Space Nine, but there are exactly 9 planets. 9 members of Wu Tang. 9 millimeters go bang. According to Jamaican custom, 9 days after someone passes away, his or her friends and family should kill the fatted calf—so to speak, more likely a curried goat—and celebrate the life of the dear departed in order to send him or her off good and proper. It’s called a “nine night.” Well today, Friday August 5, marks the 9th day since Janine Cunningham, better known to enlightened reggae lovers as Jah9, released 9MM Vol. 2, an 18-track project (definitely not a mixtape) which she describes as “Groundings in preparation for the arrival” of her forthcoming album 9, which is due to be released on… 9/9 of course!  Audio After The Jump…

(Said groundings include a 7-minute-long Sizzla Kalonji medley, a fresh re-working of “Avocado,” dubmatic covers of Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone, and provocative spoken-word interludes about breathing prana and the pineal gland and the evils of “polarity consciousness.”) The opening track from this opus, an herbalist’s anthem called “Fire Slaughter,” glides along atop Black Uhuru’s haunting “Emotional Slaughter.” Sounds like something to get those steamers bubbling when Jah9’s U.S. tour performs in Denver and Humboldt County over the next couple of days.

“With the highest meditation and the proper steam” Run that…

DOWNLOAD Jah9 9MM Vol. 2

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