WATCH THIS: Tyga “1 of 1” Official Music Video

Tyga x Amina Kick It In Jamrock

Tyga is the latest young money representer to catch dancehall fever, having journeyed to Kingston, Jamaica to shoot the video for his “Controlla”-flavored jam “1 of 1.” Lest we forget, “Coconut Juice” was one of Tyga’s first singles, way back before “Bedrock” in 2008. “Kingston, Jamaica—real gully,” he says in a voiceover at the start of the Shomi Patwary-directed video. Much like the ghetto back home, just more undeveloped. What some see as dirty and less fortunate we see beauty, love, and God. Of course when you say Kingston people warn you about the danger, as if the cops ain’t killing kids all over our country. Where we from, there’s danger everywhere. We wanted to come fuck with the people.” He spends most of the video kicking it with Amina Blue, the blonde Brooklyn-born Snapchat star who appears to be rocking with Mr. Rack City inna real life. Video After The Jump…

Most intriguing verse:

“Now you’re wearing bandanas and rockin your man’s flannels
Flight to Dubai gotta pop a Xanax
Me no love for them batty-boy antics
Come mek me yute pull choppers out the attic
I’m a savage—straight savage
Yeah they laughed at my dreams of livin’ lavish
Me no pretender
We both remember”

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