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A master of word play, Vaughn Benjamin (Akae Beka), the prolific songwriter of Midnite Band, supersedes our expectations on his recent solo album, “Portals,” I-grade Records. This July, the artist from St. Croix  trods out for the “Portals Summer Tour.” Manager, Preston Powell predicts that venues will be bursting at the seams for fans who adore this “solo project,” with conscious hits about relationships, spirituality and life.  Fan favorite,  “Like Rhyme” really demonstrates the creativity and intellectual prowess of this lyricist. The entire song is poetry with each line reverberating a natural wave of consciousness.  Moreover it is not just the way the words sound but how the message is physically delivered and neatly packaged into one song.

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“People go through similar things same time,

             Experience tells a story, 

                        Experience tells a story if you don’t mind,

                                 Cause life to flow like rhyme.”


~”As perceptions challenge the time, As perceptions change in time”~

Portals by Akae Beka on Apple Music

Portals Summer Tour Dates

        ~“It have a cadence like in a full flight”~

New York  Massive, Consciousness and Volume up to all, Club Amazura – Friday, July 29, 2016

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