Remembering “The People’s Champion” -Muhammad Ali

A Champion of All Champions

According to Matthew 22:14, “many are called but few are chosen.” Born in the first month of the year, in Louisville, Kentucky, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. seemed to be destined for greatness. He began his boxing journey at 12 years old and by 22 years old, he was the World HeavyWeight Champion (1964). The “People’s Champion” was kingly by nature, and his confidence was inspiring especially for people of African descent, because his title was preceded by the passing of the Civil Rights Act in the same year. His accomplishments left an indelible mark on history, culture and the globe. More After The Jump

Muhammad Ali was not only the  Heavyweight Champion of the World (won this title three times) he was a huge proponent for equal rights, justice and world peace.

Muhammad Ali- Poem on Attica Prison Riot

Muhammad Ali Speech on War

Mos Def aka Yasin Bey -“Word”

Faithless- Muhammad Ali

The Fugees (Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Pras) featuring A Tribe Called Quest (Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White) Busta Rhymes & John Forte -“Rumble In The Jungle”

LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out

R.Kelly- The World’s Greatest

  ~Muhammad Ali – The Greatest~

We remember this great legend with gratitude and respect.

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  1. iceborgg says:

    What a wonderful tribute to the greatest presented by Charlene Wiggins in a historical research and video form, no excerpts, no follow – ups, no reviews. What need to be said was said,and sure more can be said,when talking about Ali,and if by some reason after watching the video’s you still don’t recognize Muhammad Ali, the respect he commanded,and the tributes that are pouring forth from kings and queens,celebrities and common people for a fight well done, Then you truly didn’t know Muhammad Ali

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