Tiny Pink Piglet Channels Shaggy’s “Boombastic” in Chase Banking Ad

This Likkle Piggy Cried “Smooooooth” All The Way Home

When you think of reggae music, the first animal that comes to mind is, of course, the Conquering Lion. Perhaps a Jamaican hummingbird or even Rasta Mouse. Papa San’s dancehall classic “Animal Style” shouts out lions (naturally), mad monkeys, bad bwoy skunks, jaguars, black panthers, talking parrots, iguanas, big mouth alligators, long maaga giraffes, big slabba elephants, and woodpeckers, but never gets around to the tiny pink piglet. Apart from Nitty Gritty’s foundation selection “Hog Inna Minty”, the primary use for pigs  in Jamaica has been jerking. That is, until the new ad for Chase Bank, which features an adorable pink piglet hot-stepping all the way to the bank accompanied by the sounds of “Boombastic,” the title track  from Shaggy’s certified-platinum Grammy-winning 1995 album. (Hard to believe the tune is now over 2o years old—perhaps that is why it’s being used in a Retirement Planning advert!) Although Shagsman O.D. was unavailable for comment, the hilarious and heartwarming new ad is clearly a good look for the artist, for reggae music, and for proud little pink piggies everywhere. Video After The Jump…

Reshma B Reasoning with Shaggy

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