That Time Drake Almost Got Arrested With “Mava-Dado” & Other Exciting Tales

40 And The 6 God Regale Nardwuar With Dancehall War Stories

Earlier this week Drizzy linked with fellow Canadian phenom Nardwuar aka the Human Serviette for a typically epic interview/gift-giving-b/show-and-tell session. Amongst many highlights gleaned by the good folks at Billboard were several dancehall-related anecdotes—including a massive big up for the World Boss Vybz Kartel. But not until we watched the video did we come to fully appreciate certain gems like Nardwuar’s question about “Mava-Dado.” (Must be seen to be believed.)  To be fair Nardwuar seems to be more of an old-school cat, as he presents Drizzy with a King Tubby’s Dance Hall Style Dub album on vinyl. Nuff respect. Video After The Jump…
Almost Getting Arrested at Britjam 2011
You remember when it went down, but now we have Drake’s side of the story—and yes, it involves an ex-girlfriend.

“I almost did get arrested because in Jamaica, at a stage show, the way police monitor shows is that they don’t try to incite the crowd, so they don’t like you to swear. And obviously, my first thing, I was just excited to be in Jamaica so I started cussing up a storm and they were about to arrest me but luckily, I think Beenie Man and a bunch of people were there, they just kinda tried to explain to the police that I didn’t understand. Big up to all the guys that were there that night ’cause they saved my life. That was a wild night. Mavado came and picked me up in a caravan of cars with somebody—I won’t say her name but I was with somebody that night and it was our first time ever going out together and needless to say, she did not stick around. She definitely left and never spoke to me again.”

Nevertheless, Drake professes his undying love for dancehall—which should come as no surprise, considering OVO Sound’s longstanding interest in the genre: “I am into any dancehall, any reggae, conscious, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll listen to anything. I feel like the writing, the melodies and the layering of the music in the genre is incredible.”

He goes on to big up the World Boss, calling Vybz Kartel “one of my biggest inspirations” as well as “one of my favorite artists.” (Interesting to note that he shouts out Gully and Alliance while sharing the stage with  Mavado at Brit Jam 2011. )

“You want to talk about a guy coming out of a place that has their own thing, their own culture and absolutely taking over, becoming the one person to idolize. I been to Jamaica when the Gully // Gaza thing was going on—was there before, was there after—and no matter what, people are always holding up Vybz as an icon. Big up Vybz, man. He’s definitely an inspiration to myself and Partynextdoor.”

Drake also mentions Popcaan, saying that he is on Views, that he filled Kartel’s shoes, and that OVO/Unruly are one family.

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