Mother’s Day Special Event: Reggae Bowl

A Thoughtful Event for Mothers and The Community At Large

 The “Reggae Bowl” is a food and music event that will be held at the Ital Kitchen in Brooklyn, New York, this Mother’s Day—Sunday, May 8, 2016.  This celebration of Mothers will promote a healthy lifestyle through its various components; serving up sweet reggae music, fashion and vital, ital cuisine.  More After The Jump



Top Chef, Michael Gordon who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona, will prepare an all-inclusive brunch. On the menu for this day are delicious vegan options such as Escovetish Tofu and Jerk Vegan Chicken. There will also be Escovetish Fish made with ‘real’ fish.

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One of the most exciting aspects of this event will be the Pop Up Shop by Designer, Ma Ma Yashi. Ma Ma Yashi designs are known world wide and this tailor’s daughter has taken fashion to higher heights by adding a very personal and meaningful touch to each of her pieces.

Interview with Ma Ma Yashi  

Char: Hail Up Ma Ma Yashi. Tell us about your fabulous new collection, “Roots Divine

Ma Ma Yashi: I’m very excited to have pieces from my new collection “Roots Divine” on show at the pop up! This collection has styles that reflect my 11 years of growth as a fashion designer as well as being my most expansive collection with pieces for youth and men alongside the slew of offerings for women.

Char: How long have you been designing and how did this all begin for you?

Ma Ma Yashi: I’ve always been designing. I grew up as a tailor’s daughter. I’d always have pics in the works for my dolls as a child and I altered my clothes while in school. My professional designing started after the birth of my first son 11 years ago. I decided to make a living using my skills so I could stay at home and take care of him. When he started to crawl, I bought a sewing machine for this purpose and registered

Char: How did you come up with the name Ma Ma Yashi?

Ma Ma Yashi: My actual name is Yashima and Ma Ma comes from me always being a mother. I always have my son with me and I started this whole thing to empower myself as a mother.

Char: Why are Ma Ma Yashi designs unique from other cultural clothing we may see in New York and globally?

Ma Ma Yashi: I design from the soul, which for me is an ever changing and growing place. My designs come from spirituality with a purpose. My newest collection “Roots Divine” is for strengthening, preparation and protection from spiritual warfare. Every piece has a purpose beyond the beauty. The names of the pieces are meditations of guidance in these times.

Char: I can definitely grasp that when I look at the details of your designs. I love that your new collection takes it up a notch with youthful, sexy designs that still have discretion causing the eyes to focus on the right places and not the wrong. I like the eye catching lace extensions, which give a peek-a-boo covering and the colorful, metallic patterns.


Ma Ma Yashi: I‘m giving people some room to express their individual style with the clothing in terms of layering and mixing.

Char: I notice you also used a lot of camouflage how does this pattern tie in with the spiritual aspect of the collection?

Ma Ma Yashi: Because of the militancy needed to engage in the spiritual warfare. It is already going on, we are already under attack. The camouflage and crystal spells are for our defense.

The fabric for the girl’s outfit I sourced a few years ago in the UK via West Africa and saved it for this purpose of making garments for princesses. The Andinkra symbol of Nyame Dua is what got my attention. It means God’s Presence and is a protective symbol.


Char: Just beautiful and insightful at the same time. Congratulations on the “Roots Divine” Collection and the extension of your fashion line to men’s clothing, children’s clothing and accessories.

Ma Ma Yashi: Thank you for considering me for this interview and give thanks. I admire your positive trod sis, we strengthen each other.


DJ Sweet V and Yaadcore will create the musical ambience. We caught up with Yaadcore briefly before Dubwise Trinidad featuring Marlon Asher:

Char: Bless up Rory, Why did you decide to celebrate the Mothers in this special way?

Yaadcore: Every day we celebrate Mother’s day cause we never stop giving thanks for all the mothers on the Earth likewise, I N I personal mother same way. But the system set up a day specifically to acknowledge the mothers, so we could ah never object to highlighting the mothers for all the work they have done world wide.

Char: Why do you think healthy eating and conscious music go hand in hand?

Yaadcore: Well we say health is wealth. When you talk about spiritual wealth, reggae is a music that will build up your spirit and soul in times of tribulation and oppression. Being conscious of physical health through eating healthy is also important. The two are not dichotomous but blend together well to bring about a balance for overall health.


Char: I know you have collaborated with Mr. Gordon before but is this your first time working with designer Ma Ma Yashi?

Yaadcore: Well Ma Ma Yashi is like family for a long time so it is a pleasure to collaborate with her on this project. Ma Ma Yashi designs are naturally one of kind, very Afrocentric and sheds light on Africa in a fresh and modern style.

Char:  I am glad you added the feminine fierceness to this line up – with Ma Ma Yashi and DJ Sweet V! Where else will you be playing in New York this month?

Yaadcore: I will be at “Catch Ah Fyah Thursdays” on May 5, 2016 at Lox Lounge for Ras G’s and Nite Nurse Earthstrong, then Reggae Bowl at Ital Kitchen on Mother’s Day and then I will be at “Link Up Tuesday’ at Leftfield featuring Iyata Safari and Ras Muhamad, on May 10, 2016. So the musical mission just continues and I am giving thanks to Jah Almighty.

  We join Yaadcore, Michael Gordon, DJ Sweet V and Ma Ma Yashi in saluting the mothers of the world this Sunday. For more information on this event and tickets, click on the following link:

 “Reggae Bowl


Other Vegan Hotspots in Crown Heights:

Veggies – 785 Franklin Avenue-Juicebar

Punchline-701 Nostrand Avenue-Juicebar

Natural Blend– 769 Washington Avenue-Juicebar and Restaurant

Owner of Natural Blend, Dave Wallace worked 16-20 hours, 7 days a week to support his family and his dream to open a vegan, ital restaurant. After 8 years of running the restaurant on Washington Avenue in Brooklyn, Mr. Wallace and his brother  opened a second, larger location with outdoor seating at 243 Malcolm X Boulevard in Bedford Stuyvesant. We spoke to Mr. Wallace regarding his recent business endeavor:

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