Through A Mother’s Eyes

A Mother’s Eyes Are Windows To God’s Love

Who can forget the scene in Passion of the Christ, when Mary runs towards baby Jesus who has fallen on the floor and in the same manner runs towards her son as he faces his divine destiny? There is no love like a mother’s love and we look to you the readers of Boomshots Magazine to define motherhood. In this article we posted responses to a simple Mother’s Day prompt, interspersed with some sentimental tunes.

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Being a Mother________________________________.

(Fill In The Blank With Your Experience)

“Is a beautiful journey of unfolding for both Mother and Child. Both grow and learn in this beautiful journey. It is an honor to be chosen as the child’s womb to grow, once born to continue the process.” –Susan Lawrence

“Is the best thing in my life”-Dahsen Mohnay

“My kids are my everything!!!”- Karla Pope

“Being a mother is the most rewarding gift you could ever be given. I love my boys beyond words.”- Ayanna Graham

 “Being a Mother is the most beautiful blessing bestowed upon me. That the Creator found me worthy to bring forth and grow in this life, his creations. For that I am and will always be humbled.” – Zion Rose

“I humbly give thanks! Respect! To carry a child in your womb then to transition to nurturing, guiding, protecting, teaching, your fruits of labor. It’s a joy that words cannot express. Being a mother is the greatest gift, Jah has bestowed upon me. It takes a lot of patience, time and endurance to be a mother, but through it all it is a JOY!”- Michelle Simon

“Makes my world go round!”-Jenny Jay

“Being a mother is a blessing; You just feel complete. I enjoy every moment of it.” –Tayra Torres

“Is the greatest gift God gives to a woman.  I want that gift very much.” – Stacy Patrick

“Is a blessing and honor from God”- Ayo Sam Harrell

“Is everything! Sounds short but when I think of all the things out, it really is everything!”- Sheena Trotman

“Although you have your ups and downs, it’s a rewarding experience and God’s blessing’- Cherie Springer

“ I honestly can’t think of anything to describe the happiness, its beyond words at this time but I guess patience is all.” – Annie Poonwassie

“Everything!”- Susan Burkett Wiggins

“A blessing cause nuff women can’t reproduce.  Give tanks to My Almighty Fadda fi life.”- Trini Lexy

“Crazy, tiring, but over all a blessing.” –Tasha Lyle

“A fantastic journey”- Sasha Selvon

“Challenging but it’s worth it when it comes to my love bugs”- Courtney Chan

Thank you to all the mothers who participated and we wish all the mothers of the world a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day.

Rest in Peace to Afeni Shakur who transitioned this week.

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  1. VAN GIBBS says:

    It is the epitome of selfless love from one human being to another as given from God!

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