WATCH THIS: Shanique Marie ft. Cali P “Coconut Jelly Man” Official Music Video

An Ode to the Coconut Jelly Man

Shanique Marie is preparing for relaunch of her debut EP Uno in a deluxe edition this summer and is excited about the possibilities. Her incendiary single, “Coconut Jelly Man” featuring Cali P, first released in November 2015, is seeing another steep rise in popularity as the warm weather approaches and coconut cravings run amok. Video After The Jump

“The inspiration came from my love of coconuts and specifically coconut jelly,” says the singer. “When I heard the track that was the first thing that came to my head, the lyrics for the song were a collaborative effort between Gavin Blair [of Equiknoxx Music] and myself, then Cali P came and topped it off with his verse.”

         Shanique Marie, who began singing in Church, has soothing jazz vocals on this track and her voice is reminiscent of Sister Nancy in the song, “Bam Bam.” The “Coconut Jelly Man”  Riddim, produced by Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair of Equiknoxx Music and Christoph “Fizzle” Erks of Soul-Force Records, adds to the song’s authenticity.

        Don McGregor shot the video “in and around Kingston and Portmore, mainly Southside Kingston and Naggo’s Head, Portmore St. Catherine.”  In the video, the man selling the “Coconut Jelly” holds the affections of the women in these various regions. Reggae artist Cali P trades places with the coconut entrepreneur to gain the attention of one special lady, Shanique Marie. There is instant gratification and a new partnership unfolds.

“Me Validate And It Good For Me Heart” Run that…

Places Where You Can Enjoy Coconut Jelly In New York City:

Jah Juice African Union Store and Studio

4609 Church Avenue between Schenectady and 46th Street in Brooklyn, New York
Specializing in DVD movies, music CDs, cultural apparel, leather hand bags, hats, fresh sugar cane juice, coconut water and jelly, mango chutney, fresh fruits and more.

This location has a multicultural feel with various islands represented through flags and other accents. Many artists past through this location because of the studio and music vibes. You may hear reggae on blast or Nyabinghi drumming and the echoes of people  in  deep conversation with sacramental praise.

Julio’s Truck

Bedford Avenue between Altantic Avenue and Herkimer Place in Brooklyn, New York
Imagine you are walking on the beach in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic – and approaching a food stand with Bachata music blasting and occasional three-step spins. Beyond the cultural experience, coconut water and jelly and sugar cane, Julio also has the common tropical fruits (mangoes, pineapple, papayas) and rare Caribbean Treasures in New York such as Sour Sop, Jack Fruit, Ginep and more.

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