WATCH THIS: Mighty Mystic “How Many Miles” Official Music Video PREMIERE

The Never-Ending Journey of Love and Loss

“This song symbolizes that there is no length of time, distance or space one is willing to travel to get back to or find the person they love—no matter the cost,” says Mighty Mystic, the Jamaica-born, Boston-based reggae singer who released his third album The Art of Balance earlier this year. True to the album’s title, this song is a complete departure from the previous single, a light-hearted ganja tune “Something Bout Mary,” although it’s also about a powerful male-female relationship. “When my brother played the first note on the keyboard it sent chills down my spine and immediately felt pain,” relates the singer, who parents named him Kevin Holness (his brother is actually the newly elected Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness). “I’m not talking ’bout stubbing your toe pain—I’m talking ’bout a deep pain like losing someone you love type pain. So on the heels of that emotion I wrote ‘How Many Miles.'” Today Boomshots premieres the music video, directed by Marlon O, which Mystic describes as “a mysterious reflection of the song.” Video After The Jump…

“The concept is that my wife has passed away and I’m reflecting on our wedding day, which was a happy time for the both of us,” Mystic explains. “I’m at the location where our wedding was held, as if I’m searching for her, and feeling a connection while I’m there. This connection is mutually felt—as represented by my wife’s ghostly wedding dress… The video culminates with us both almost touching hands—representing our two worlds colliding and connecting but just as she gets close, time pulls her back. There is a line in the song where I’m actually talking to God saying ‘Please name your price, pay with gold or my life return what’s mine.’ This line pretty much means that I’m willing to do whatever it takes, even give up my life. That is the length I’m prepared to travel.”

“So please name your price, pay with gold or my life—return what’s mine” Let it go…

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