WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica” Official Music Video


Mr. Vegas Makes A Public Appeal On Behalf Of Jamaica’s “Natural Order”

Mr. Vegas celebrates his beloved homeland in his latest video “Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica,” paying homage to the rich heritage and natural beauty that still exists in this jewel of the Caribbean Sea. Images of the North Coast, local attractions, and lavish beaches that were once the playground of all Jamaicans—and have since fallen into the hands of multinational investors attracting tourist dollars with visions paradise. After enjoying mainstream success abroad, the international reggae superstar returns to the Land of Wood and Watr to make a public plea to please conserve Jamaica’s national treasures before it is too late. Video after the jump….

What is next for Jamaica Land We Love? With loads of investors and international tourists keeping their eye on one of the Caribbean’s most popular hot-spots, one thing is for sure—foreign exchange could change a great deal in coming years. The only thing we can hope is that the tourist board, music industry, and agricultural sector can line up a detailed plan to maintain ownership over the Sweet Land of Jamaica. In hopes that Jamaica will take heed to his public appeal, Vegas has released a calypso-styled video fit for August’s festival song competition.

As an international ambassador for Dancehall culture, Mr. Vegas uses his music to endorse brand Jamaica on T-shirts, CD covers, and touring merchandise. The globally recognized pop star proves that national pride is something to publicly display in your lifestyle every day.

Catch the video below:

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2 Responses

  1. Soren says:

    Mr. Vegas does an awesome job at representing the authentic Jamaican culture in this video. I cannot wait to see what he comes with next.

    • BlackQueen says:

      Mr. Vegas a crazy dance song out now called “Whine Pon Di Beat.” Sweet Jamaica music. Then song “My Jam” with Pitbull is an international hit track ♫♫.

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