HEAR THIS: Beniton “Work” InstaMix

The Man Called Jack Frostt Nah Ramp With Lazy People

Since its release in January, Rihanna’s “Work” off her eighth studio album “Anti,” has seen a fair share of underground street mixes from the likes of A$AP Ferg and Dave East. However, neither rapper was successful in making a lasting impression on the final product. This isn’t because the aforementioned recording artists’ lack talent, but moreso because “Work” is a dancehall record and out of their lane. Much like the original version of “Work,” the spinoffs that circulate the net lack authenticity—that is until Jamaican deejay Beniton aka Jack Frostt stepped inside the booth to add some real island flavor to the mix, a necessary ingredient that could only be provided by someone who is of the culture, rather than a fan who simply enjoys the music.  Audio After The Jump…

No stranger to giving his take on popular singles, the New York-based emcee offered his interpolation of Fenty’s “Diamonds” back in 2013, making him a force to be reckoned within the dancehall community. he raps. “Nah mek no mula caw you dem a wait pon,” he rhymes on the tune. “Everyday dem get up and a bend dem frustration / Always aguh bruk if dem nuh set no foundation,” implying that laziness is the root of their shortcomings. Part of the reason Jack Frostt’s rendition of “Work” works is largely due in part to the call & response formula.  And in this instance, Beniton wastes no time directing his frustrations toward his haters on wax. As of right now, only a preview of the track is available via SoundCloud and YouTube, but Frostt assured Boomshots that an extended version soon forward. In the meantime, press play and get to work.

“Some people need fi work, work, work, work, work / And stop mix up inna dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt.” Run that…


UPDATE: Beniton hit us up with a quick visual accompaniment. Peep down bottom….

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