WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Come Over (Missing You)” Acoustic Cover

Great Songs Are Just Great Songs, No Matter Where You Come From

Busy Signal is not just the most versatile artist in dancehall today, he’s also a great songwriter. The Turf Prezident’s powerful pen game inspired this acoustic cover version, which we discovered last night on his Instagram. The singer’s name is Jayne. The guitarist is Ramiro Malagon. The backing vocals are provided by the producer of this track, a youth called Maroon Riddimz. According to his SoundCloud page, he’s based in Pembroke Pines, Florida and his parents are Jamaican. There’s a bottle of Appleton on the table and a black gold and green flag on the wall. Judging by the sounds, they are definitely feeling the vibes. Start your Valentine’s Day off with these sounds and hold a romantic medz. Video After The Jump…


Busy x Reshma B Pon Di Cruise

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