A First Class Reggae Song: Half Pint “Substitute Lover”

A Song With The Clever  Interpolation of  A Reworded Nursery Rhyme 

Tonight, we “Wheel and Pull Back” the hands of time to a song that touched the hearts of many in 1992 and continues to play with heart strings in 2016. Lindon Andrew Roberts aka Half Pint developed his vocals singing in the choir as a child, and that voice created some of the greatest releases in Reggae including: “Greetings,” “Substitute Lover,”  “Winsome,” “Just Be Good To Me,”and “Giving/Sharing,” to name a few. Let’s hone into the reggae classic, “Substitute Lover.” Audio After The Jump

From a song writing perspective “Substitute Lover” is so intriguing. The overall lyrical content has a serious tone that is ironically intertwined with the simplification of a reworded nursery rhyme; “Hey Diddle Diddle” or “The Cat and The Fiddle.” Only Half Pint can make his suspicions of infidelity so clear and straight to the point, with word play and repetition.
Stiddly diddly really and truly
Nuh play me nuh second fiddle
Stiddly diddly really and truly
First Class love is what I need

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