Yaadcore in New York City for Ethiopian Christmas

Yaadcore Back In New York City By Popular Demand

Receiving world-wide acclaim in the reggae and the general music community, Rory Cha aka Yaadcore was invited by three different venues to have a musical  Ethiopian Christmas in New York City.

Interview After The Jump


Charlene: Melkam Gena! Yaadcore inna New York City!

Yaadcore: Melkam Gena, Yes Give tanks for di blessing! Just on the move. Got to New York after I went to Miami to play at “Dubwise Miami” from “Dubwise Trinidad”. Miami being so close we arranged with New York family to come up and hold some vibes.

Charlene: How did you come up with the title Yaadcore?

Yaadcore: My friend & I had a t-shirt brand called “Yaadcore,” at this time I went by the name Dj Rory and the sounds name was “Bordaline.” We had to change the name “Bordaline” for unfortunate reasons. Anyway the stocks for the shirts got stolen so we decided to call the sound “Yaadcore.” I went by the name “Rory Yaadcore” when we made the switch, but still with “Rory” not lasting too long, as people would always mistake me for “Rory Stone Love,” so I took off the “Rory” and just went straight “Yaadcore“.

Charlene: How did you come to specialize in Roots Reggae and how does this genre of music align with your spirituality?

Yaadcore:  I specialize in Roots Reggae because of the energy the music itself brings, it goes along with the positive word sound to uplift the people. Music is for healing not misleading. I was always conscious of this even when I used to play all types of music. Once I had my son, I realized I had to stop playing when he came into the room because of the slackness lyrics in the music. This is when I realized if I wanted to protect my son from these type of lyrics,  I would  also want to do the same for other youths and the people in general.  I am from all the mansions of Rastafari because there are many reasonings from them all I can relate to or live by but I identify with the 12 Tribes of Israel as I man a Israelite through spiritual guidance from God of creation in this time.

Charlene: Why do you think Yaadcore is in such high demand internationally and can we expect you to voice some tunes soon?

Yaadcore: Working with Protoje really gave me the leverage to be where I am now. We worked on a mixtape called “Seven Itch Sampler” for his first alblum together and we have become so close, like brothers. I’m definitely getting into production this year. As far as me voicing a song, when you hear you will hear. Right now, I am humble and just building this sound.

Charlene: Cool, Cool. What’s next for Yaadcore?

Yaadcore: My most recent  mixtape was for the legendary Max Romeo dubbed “I Chase The Devil”. Whats next? More mixtapes for sure as well as production along with the DJ travels.

Charlene:  Thank you for sharing with Boomshots Magazine, we appreciate your expertise in musical sound.

Yaadcore: Give tanks Charstar, Rob Kenner and everyone at Boomshots Magazine. Thank you for your interest in my musical works.

Show Time

On the actual Ethiopian Orthodox Holiday, Thursday, January 7, 2016,  Johnny Go Figure, Mr. K and Queen Majesty of Deadly Dragon Sound, honored the guest deejay for a second time at their weekly, Thursday,  Downtown Top Ranking at The Delancey. His first visit was on November 15, 2015, where Yaadcore was greeted by veteran reggae artist Chronicle, the father of reggae artist, Chronixx.

Chronicle feeling the vibes of Yaadcore Sound


From Left to Right: Chronicle, Snypa Movements, Yaadcore, Fatha German(King Lion Sound)


Yaadcore at The Delancey on Ethiopian Christmas 2016

Next stop was a Meet and Greet entitled “Reggae Bowl” at the Ital Kitchen, located at 1032 Union Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. This was a collaboration between Yaadcore and Ital Kitchen’s owner, Michael Gordon to promote music and health in the community.  It’s  notable that Yaadcore accepted this invitation at a fairly new restaurant in this  local community. It really demonstrates the positive mindset behind the Yaadcore brand.

Yaadcore keeping the vibes warm at the Ital Kitchen in Brooklyn

yaadcore italk

Tonight, Sunday, January 10, you can catch Yaadcore alongside  Stateside Revolution with DJ Gringo  (Outtempo w/ Jr. Key) for the weekly Sattama Sundays with Lady Tia. When asked why he chose to work with this deejay from a professional standpoint, DJ Gringo shares his reasoning behind  the decision to honor Yaadcore as a guest deejay:

The Reggae Revival article in Vogue Magazine highlighted many artists including Chronixx, Jesse Royal, Protoje and Yaadcore. Yaadcore is the deejay for Protoje but works with many artists too. He does weekly sessions on a Wednesday in Jamaica, called “Dubwise. ” His passion is roots reggae music  in alignment with my personal passion for this type of music. We both share a love for Africa, a pan-African view. Yaadcore has a great work ethic too, which made this a collaborative effort. New York City, Tri-State, get ready for bassline rolls you feel in ya chest and a great live session, with myself and Yaadcore, Straight from Kingston, Jamaica! “- DJ Gringo, Stateside Revolution

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Photos with Chronicle from  Power Reggae


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