WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “These Are The Days” Official Music Video

The Song That Set Busy On A Next Level Back in 2008

The Turf Prez keeps the streets supplied with new music at such a frenetic pace that sometimes we fail to check the catalog deeply. From the moment Busy Signal “Stepped out” in the dancehall biz it was clear he was a talent to be reckoned with who was “not going down” any time soon. With his 2008 sophomore album Loaded he unleashed a lyrical fusillade entitled “These Are The Days” that made clear this was a youth who was operating on a much higher level than most of his peers in the music industry. Eight years later his fans have gained a greater insight into the angst that fueled these bitter bars, and our appreciation of Busy’s artistry has only grown over time. Lick it back from the top the very last drop. Video After The Jump…

Busy Rips Sting 2012

Reshma B Links With Busy Signal at Penthouse Back in 2012

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