WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Out of Many (One)” Official Music Video

Turf Prez In The Drivers Seat—KUFF!

Today is Busy Signal’s birthday so we’re repping hard for one of our favorite artistes, the Turf Prez. In case you missed his most recent video, check out Sheik Busy stunting in outrageous whips while ripping up a classic dancehall riddim—Jammy’s “Magic Moment” riddim—inna style made famous by the great Shelly Thunder. The Jamaican national motto is “out of many one people” but this new selection from the Turf Prez feels more like an “out of many artistes I am the one” vibe. Judge for yourself (and let us know in the comments which of these cars you’d prefer to drive). Video After The Jump…

Reshma B x Busy Pon Di Cruise

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