HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas “Dancehall Dab”

New Year, New Style, New Dance A Lick

It’s straaange how the dances are changing, as Barrington Levy observed many years ago. Just the other day our peoples at Mass Appeal made a flex down to ATL where the Migos explained the origins of the dab—the dance that looks sorta like you’re sneezing into your elbow. Trust me, it mash up the whole world. Given Jamaica’s propensity for dance tunes, it seemed only a matter of time until some savvy dancehall star stepped up with a yard-style dab. Now here comes Vegas, fresh from foreign, ready to buss the new dance in Jamaica. Gwan MV Music—Style them with the dab! Audio After The Jump…

“Me jus a dab, ugly up my face like Shabba” Run that…

RGAT Reasoning with Mr. Vegas

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