HEAR THIS: ÌFÉ “House of Love” (Ogbe Yekun) PREMIERE

These Puerto Rican Sounds Are NOT Reggaeton

ÌFÉ is the Yoruban word for “Love” as well as “Expansion.” It’s also the name of a new group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, whose music fuses Afro-Caribbean folk sounds like Yoruba and Rumba with electronica and dancehall. The group was the brainchild of Otura Mun aka Mark Underwood, an African-American artist who’s been living in Puerto Rico for over a decade, producing projects like Cultura Profetica and the stunning Calma Carmona. With a chill sound that blends Cuban Rumba with the digital sounds of Jamaican dancehall, ÌFÉ creates a musical space and expression all its own. Their second single, “House of Love,” was recorded live using improvised electronic instruments. “At times tender, at other moments seductive and flirtatious, the song is an invitation / an offering to those forces that walk among us and a reminder that life is nothing if not a constant act of giving to receive,” says Otura Mun. Let’s get to it. Audio After The Jump…

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