WATCH THIS: David Bowie ft. Tina Turner “Tonight” Live

Ziggy Stardust Inna Rub A Dub Style

In 1984, after his massively successful album Let’s Dance, and the subsequent Serious Moonlight Tour, the late great David Bowie went to Quebec, Canada to work on a follow-up album. “It was rushed,” he said later. “The process wasn’t rushed; we actually took our time recording the thing; Let’s Dance was done in three weeks, Tonight took five weeks or something, which for me is a really long time. I like to work fast in the studio. There wasn’t much of my writing on it ’cause I can’t write on tour and I hadn’t assembled anything to put out.” The resulting album contained not one but two reggae cuts—both covers of Iggy Pop records. (This was not Bowie’s first foray into reggae; his 1979 album Lodger contained the reggae vamp “Yassassin.”) In “Don’t Look Down” Bowie sang of “that crazy sound, from New York to shanty town” while “Tonight,” a duet with Tina Turner (whose “What’s Love Got to Do With It” was another stealth reggae joint), spoke of love’s power to overcome death itself. Bowie and Turner recorded their vocals sitting face to face.  Audio After The Jump…

“I will love you till I die, I will see you in the sky tonight” Let it go…


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