The Biggest Riddims of 2015

Who Run The Place? Johnny Wonder, CEO of 21st Hapilos, Counts Down The Year’s Top Juggling

When pressed to identify his most influential rhythm track or “riddim” of all time, the late Clement S. “Coxsone” Dodd chose the “Real Rock.” And Downbeat ought to know, half a century ago his house band, Sound Dimension, laid down an instrumental track that provided the blueprint for countless reggae classics, as well as hits by international artists from The Clash to Boogie Down Productions. Such is the power of a great riddim. Fast forward to 30 years ago, when King Jammy’$ first released the mighty “Sleng Teng,” ushering in dancehall’s digital era. Such is the power of a great riddim. So where does reggae and dancehall music go from here? Few people are better qualified to predict the music’s future than Johnny Wonder, CEO of 21st Hapilos Digital, the leading digital distributor of new reggae and dancehall music. As the man who breaks most big riddims first, Johnny Wonder’s  ranking is based strictly on sales—never payola or political influence. So if you want to know who ran the place in 2015, look no further. Audio & Video After The Jump…


10. After Party Riddim

Chimney Records

Purchase After Party Riddim pon iTunes

Aidonia “No Man To Mi Spliff”
Alkaline “Living It Up”
Agent Sasco “Everybody Rock”
Beenie Man “We Run Road”
Chi Ching Ching “Coob Dem Up”
Chilando “Everything Check”
Demarco “Who the F**k Cares”
I-Octane “Get Gyal”
Popcaan “Inna Di Lobby” / “Inna Yuh Belly”
Sean Paul “Ganja Mi Smoke”
Tarrus Riley “Good Family, Good Friends”
Chimney Records “After Party Riddim (Instrumental)”



9. Tears of Joy Riddim

TJ Records

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Vybz Kartel “Believe”
Demarco “Case”
I-Octane “Life Is What You Make It”
Raytid “My Dayz”
Shawn Storm “Life Again”
Vershon “Tun it Up Ya Now”
Jah Vinci “One Day”


8. Money Me A Look Riddim

True Loyal Records

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Alkaline “On Fleek (Love Yuh Everything)”
Ganggoolie “Show Me”
Ginjah “Jah Me Seh”
I-Octane “Queng Dem”
Iya Champs “Cheat”
Likkle Dainjah “Badmind”
Likkle Dainjah & Queen Diamond “Ride It”
Motion “Jealousy”
Vybz Kartel “Money Me a Look”


7. Success & Strive Riddim

Fresh Ear Productions

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Alkaline “Hype (Nah Change)”
Charly Black “Get High”
GrammaZone “Hey Girl”
Khago “Money, My Problem”
Konshens “This Life (Glory)”
Major Brandish “Tippy Wine”
Mr. Vegas & Ovamarz “Hot Rice Dance”
T.O.K. “Rebel”
Vybz Kartel “In Love With You”
Fresh Ear Productions “Success and Strive Riddim (Instrumental)”


6. Ghetto Bible Riddim

Full Chaarge Records

Purchase Ghetto Bible Riddim pon iTunes

3 Star “High Daily”
Alkaline “Nuh Like People”
Chilando “Wah Run Road Now”
Demarco “Wap Dem”
I-Octane “Done Talk (Jealousy)”
Kalado “Ghetto Youth Want Money”
Mavado “Ghetto Bible”
Vybz Kartel “Straight and Narrow”


5. Mildew Riddim

UIM Records

Purchase Mildew Riddim pon iTunes

Alkaline “Nice Suh”
Blak Diamon “Money Haffi Mek”
Bugle “Secrets”
Chris Martin “Under the Influence”
Franchizze “Nah Sell Out”
Iya Champs “Keep Yuh Secret”
Keely & Ce’Cile “Hold Mi Tight”
Mavado “Story”
Popcaan “Way Up”
Propa Fade “Hustle”
R&R “Forever”
Anju Blaxx “Mildew Riddim (Instrumental)”


4. Dancehall Sings Riddim (Love Edition)

Cr203 Records

Purchase Dancehall Sings Riddim (Love Edition) pon iTunes

Alkaline “Weh You Did Deh”
Bugle “False Prophet (Snake)”
Charly Black “Now & Forever”
Chris Martin “Tell Me”
Chris Martin “Pass Me a Blunt” ft. Azuzu
Demarco “Love & Happiness”
Gappy Ranks “Guide Me”
I-Octane “Gangsta World”
Konshens “Bad Man Heart”
Masicka “Just Can’t Do it”
Popcaan “Mad Me”
RDX “Why Do Men Cheat?”
Spice “I Love You Spice”
Vybz Kartel “Never Stay Around (Money Love Song)”
Tifa “One Time”


LIQUOR-RIDDIM-_13. Liquor Riddim

Good Good Productions

Purchase Liquor Riddim pon iTunes

Vybz Kartel “Party”
Alkaline “Up”
I-Octane “One Life”
Beenie Man “Jamaica”
Konshens “Nuh New To Gal” ft. Darrio
Esco “Gal Da Wine Deh”
Quick Cook “Back On the Floor” ft. Kreecha
Teejay “Real Hot”
Rhyming King “Caribbean Love”
Good Good Productions “Liquor Riddim (Instrumental)”


2. Fix Up Riddim

H2O Records

Purchase Fix Up Riddim pon iTunes

Agent Sasco “So Mi Born”
Alkaline “Dem Ago Dead”
Big Roundz “Me No See Them”
Bryka “Dutty Livity”
Delly Ranx “Me Nah”
Demarco “Dem 2 Hand Ya”
I-Octane “Bad Man Laws”
I Shawna “Cheerful Giver”
Kalado “Beaa”
Konshens ft. Javada “Say the Word”
Mavado “Bad Anytime”
Quick Cook “Shub Dem Out”
Versatile “Me Never”
Vybz Kartel “Fix Up”


1. Intoxxicated Riddim

Troyton Music

Purchase Intoxxicated Riddim pon iTunes

Bugle “Nuh Like Da Style Yah”
Charly Black “Tyad Fi See Me”
Chris Martin “I Can See”
Chris Martin “I’m a Big Deal”
Dexta Daps “7Eleven”
I-Octane “Hurt By Friends”
Mr. G ft. Black Man “So Me Seet”
Tarrus Riley “Herbs (Sensimena)”
Troyton Music “Intoxxicated Riddim (Instrumental)”

In Comes The People’s Choice, The Big Tune That Made The Riddim Buss

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