WATCH THIS: Spice “Needle Eye” Official Music Video

The Mad Gyal’s Fairy Godmother Hooks Her Up To Bruk Out

Spice’s latest visuals are a dancehall Cinderella story, with one major difference: in the traditional fairy tale, Cinderalla uses a needle and thread to stitch herself a dress. In Spice’s version the needle eye has a whole different meaning. (Word to Shabba Ranks.) Just like in the Disney movie, those wicked stepsisters head out to the dance, leaving Spice at home with no bashment gear. But never fear—her fairy godmother hooks her up and Spice heads straight to the session to flop those stepsisters and take the man they’ve got their eyes on. (The man in question is played by Spice’s real-life man, Nicholas Lall). Shot entirely in Paris, France, the “Needle Eye” video delivers a powerful dose of eye candy. All the classic dancehall themes are there—the speaker boxes, flaming torches, multicolored wigs, and headtop wining—but with a fresh, playful twist that keeps things extra-Spicey.  Video After The Jump…

“Lady In The Street But Me A Bitch Inna The Bed” Run that…

@SpiceOfficial Chops It Up With @RGAT

Lick it Back From The Top:
Spice’s tune, produced by Brixton Music Group, draws inspiration from two classic dancehall tracks. As usual, Boomshots strives to provide the historical context in an effort to educate and uplift the youths.

Shabba Ranks original “Needle Eye Pum Pum”
(pon Jammy’$ Punany Riddim)

Terror Fabulous original “Position”
(produced by Jammy’$ son John John)

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