Luciano Headlines Rockhouse Foundation Benefit

The RockHouse Foundation Raises $232,000 in 2 Hours for the Youths

The Rockhouse Foundation hosted its Annual dinner and live auction on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Paul Salmon, Chairman of the RockHouse Foundation, welcomed guests and discussed the symbiotic relationship between the Rock House Hotel’s philanthropic arm, RockHouse Foundation and the community it serves. More After The Jump

 “Welcome to the 11th Anniversary of the Rock House Foundation Annual Benefit. To date we have raised over 3 million dollars through the Foundation. The Rockhouse Hotel is 21 years old and I began the hotel with a commitment to responsibility to the community. In 2014, it was named the Best Boutique Hotel in the world, and in our commitment to the environment it is green gold certified. Beyond this we were able to start the Rockhouse Foundation from the leverage of the hotel to do the community’s work.” –Paul Salmon, Chairman of RockHouse Hotel and Foundation

 After a brief video about the foundations efforts to restore school buildings, libraries and the vision for new educational plans, Salmon acknowledged Board Members present including Peter Rose, President of The Rockhouse Foundation and other Board Members such as Laurie Friedman, Chris Walsh and Samuel Jacob “the only Non Australian Member.” Fab Ippoliti, also a Board Member and Managing Partner of the RockHouse Hotel, residing in Australia was also an honorable mention, ” who flew in  two days ago.”

Peter Rose then came on stage:

“Everybody Max Glazer (Federation Sound)! I’m going come back in a couple minutes and share a little bit of what we are up to these days. I have to tell you, watching that video always makes me feel good because everything we said is going to happen is happening. I always think that the definition of whether you’re doing the right thing is the size of the gap of what you say are doing and what you are actually doing. So great to see that video again after all these years.” – Peter Rose, President of Rockhouse Foundation

Before Rose continued, he welcomed Evelyn West, Regional Supervisor at the Early Child Commission, Ministry of Education of Jamaica on stage. Mrs. West spoke about Torrington Inclusive Infant Academy opening in September 2016 for the early childhood education of children with special needs, and the educational goals for the upcoming academic year.

After Cocktails, fall harvest foods like pumpkin and squash were served with  maple syrup and cheese as flavorful appetizers. A hearty autumn entree of marinated steak, caramelized squash and harvest greens was prepared by Chefs Andrew Carmellini (Andrew Carmellini’s Kitchen at Joe’s Pub) and Adam Schop (Executive Chef at Miss Lily’s Restaurant). Following dinner, the paddle raising begun for a live auction for each of the following: 1) Dinner and a Show at The Library & Joe’s Pub- starting bid $1,500; 2) Miss Lily’s Private Dinner Party-starting bid $2,000 and 2) RockHouse Hotel- Fly to Sun, Sand, Spa – starting bid $5,000.

The night ended with a moving performance from Grammy-nominated artist, Luciano. The Messenjah began his set with “Give Praise” followed by “Sweep Over My Soul.” He raised the spiritual heights with “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” and falling on his knees he belted out “It’s Me Again Jah.” He ended his set with a cover of  Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World,” which made for a humbling experience, allowing the audience to reflect upon the poignant song lyrics and the money raised for change.

Why was this fundraiser so successful?

The Board Members of this foundation are passionate about their work and the education of children. 100% of the proceeds from this event goes toward the mission of empowering children and ensuring that they have a safe and bright learning environment. None of the money goes to administrative or overhead costs so the foundation can hone in on the needs of the community. As a whole, Joe’s Pub was full of warmth last night from the candle lights to smiling faces, amicable conversations and dancing. Besides the live auction, it seemed like people were hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. However, this was a highly organized fundraiser, from seating to bid numbers. A room of 180 people, successfully surpassed the fundraising goals for the night.

Would you like to make a contribution to this foundation’s efforts,  go to the following secure link: DonatetoRockHouse

*Sponsors for the event include: RockHouse Hotel, Joe’s Pub, Miss Lily’s Restaurant, Jet Blue, T. Edward Wines

Cover Photograph: On the left, Peter Rose, President of RockHouse Foundation, in the middle, Grammy nominated artist Luciano and on the right, Paul Salmon, Chairman of RockHouse Foundation.

Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel

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