Full Moon Playlist II

Ten Multi-Genre Selections for Your Halloween Party Playlist

   This year, Halloween was preceded by a Supermoon, making this holiday extra spooky. On September 27, 2015, a total lunar eclipse occurred and the moon passed into the Earth’s shadow. The moon appeared  close to the earth with a bright red illuminance. The last time this happened was 1982. Many believe that this type of moon brings about badness in people. The Full Moon Playlist II highlights songs that unleash the dark side of human nature in reggae, pop, dancehall, hip hop and soca. The playlist contains ten tunes focusing on an intrinsic baddness theme, while others go beyond the theme and comment on social issues, and a few are highlighted for a wicked production. Playlist After The Jump

  1. “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me” – Gully Bop / Walshy Fire (Major Lazer) / Kalibandulu: A wicked production and lyrical delivery places this song at the top of the playlist. The chop and screwed vocals produces dracula-like sound effects which are pure genius.

2. “Monster”-Eminem featuring Rihanna: An interesting song with lyrics  about the psychoanalysis of self. In the video, a swinging pendulum gives way to events in Enimem’s life, while the psychiatrist, Rihanna takes notes.


3. “Thriller”- Michael Jackson: A classic by one of the world’s most revered entertainers, Michael Jackson.  In the video, Michael changes with the rising full moon and its a scary movie.

4. “I Bring The Pain”-Method Man (Wu Tang Clan): This was the first single released from Method Man’s debut album, Tical. For hardcore hip hop fans, this 90’s hit left an indelible mark on hip hop with Method Man’s dark and impeccable lyrics. In the visual, Method Man used a solid white sclera contact to create a  Zombie appearance.

5. “Vagabond”-Ricardo Drue: This uptempo song sealed 3rd place in the Groovy category for Soca Monarch in Trinidad and Tobago. The video directed Avant media shows people wilding out in Caribbean style. Ricardo Drue in his Austin Powers costume is a must see; “Oh Behave!”

6. “I Behaving The Worst”- Skinny Fabulous: Skinny Fabulous delivers high quality vocals over  in this “nuh behavior” soca tune, representing for St. Vincent & the Grenadines. In 2015, Skinny Fabulous won both Ragga and Power Soca Monarch Titles in St. Vincent.

7. “No Guns To Town” – Natty King – At Zombie Con in Florida on Saturday, October 17, 2015, 20 year-old Expavious Taylor died on the scene and 4 others were injured after  a shooting at the annual gathering. The gun violence is out of control.

8. “Haunted” – Beyonce:  From Beyonce’s fifth studio album, “Beyonce,” this song is both scary and sexy with its reverberation. The music video has remanants of American Horror Story with a touch of dominatrix, for the ultimate freak show. The remix was featured in the motion picture, Fifty Shades of Grey.

9. “Badness Dub”- King Tubby:  A Dub Special  from the Original King Tubby.

10. “Vampire”- Peter Tosh: This is a socially conscious tune about oppressive “vampires” from the revolutionary poet, Peter Tosh.

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