WATCH THIS: Daniel Bambaata Marley “Waiting for the War” Official Music Video

“We’re The Last of the Mohicans, Last of a Dying Breed”

If you ain’t up on Daniel Bambaata Marley yet, time to play catch-up. His first release, “My Girl,” a combination with his cousin Jo Mersa, touched the road in 2010. He sang the rootsy love song “Treat You Right” on Ghetto Youths International’s first Set Up Shop compilation. More recently, his track “Free It Up” was a standout on Inner Circle’s “Tenement Yard” juggling. Boomshots now presents the video for his latest release, “Waiting for the War.” like his name itself, this tune reflects two mighty musical legacies. Rooted in the reggae his grandfather Bob first spread around the world, the song explodes (tick-tick-boom) into a fusillade of bars that bounce between dancehall and hip hop cadences that would bring a smile to the face of the Universal Zulu Nation founder. As the eldest son of Ziggy Marley, Daniel is wary not to be pigeon-holed as some sort of carbon copy. No danger of that—he’s inherited his father’s taste for restless musical experimentation, and for a second-generation Jamaican youth raised in Miami it’s only fitting that Daniel embodies a complex of cultural influences. “False prophets are prophesying on some shit they’ll never see / While watching television wondering who’s watching me,” Daniel rhymes on the gritty track, which presents a surprisingly bleak world view for a 25-year-old. “My aim is to love,” he asserts in the same verse before noting that “We’re the last of the Mohicans, the last of a dying breed.” Welcome to the new age. Video After the Jump…

(via Mass Appeal)

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