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Jah Cure’s third studio album, The Cure (VP records), holds steady at the number 1 spot on the Billboard Top Reggae Album Chart, for one month since its release on July 10.  On this new album Jah Cure’s superb vocals are presented with multiple lyrical themes. In addition, Jah Cure said he worked hard to step up the production on this album, in an effort to improve the quality of his overall sound.  He provided a creative platform for up and coming producers like Justin “Jus Bus” Nation, Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown, Christopher “Sketch” Carey and Trevor “Baby G” Washington. He also sought the expertise of  top of the line producer, Maurice “Clive” Hunt.

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Album Review

The Cure consists of 13 tracks about love; freedom and social consciousness; Rastafari and positivity. Let’s take a closer look at the songs on this album based on these themes.


     Some of the most noteable songs on this album are the love songs, and Jah Cure covers various aspects of love. Starting with the search for a soul mate and having an ideal prototype. “That Girl” is an instant fan favorite with its relatable lyrics.  In the visual Winston ‘Tyson’ Mayhew threads together an interesting market place encounter that sparks a fruitful romance.

Once the love grows, two become one. In Jah Cure’s cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”, Jah Cure puts a vocal signature stamp on his rendition of the song.

Although the songs under this theme reflect positive aspects of love, Jah Cure does touch upon the lingering memories and residual thoughts following a break up. In “Still Remains” he adds lyrical depth to the album, as he describes becoming a prisoner of one’s own thoughts when dealing with the emotional distress of a failed love. “Set Me Free,”  “Show Love” and “The Other Half Of Me”  are some more lover’s rock tunes, with “Set Me Free” in particular having an R&B flavor.


   “Made In California” is about the chemistry of love and an ode to freedom in the “Sunshine State.” In an exclusive interview conducted with Rob Kenner, Jah Cure gives a synopsis of this cannabinoid driven tune:

Well you done know, it can be many things. Cause tobacco was made in California. And Mary Jane, she’s so beautiful you wonder if ah California she come from you know. If she was made in California. So the idea is just keepin’ it blazing—one of them kinda California Love deh. California specialty. It’s subliminal still. But Jah know I need to get into the bigger picture. Ah just the Mary Jane, you see me? It’s all about Mary Jane, and how high she’s grown in California”- Jah Cure

The visual consists of an interracial couple enjoying the California vibe.

Stay With Me” has a real unique sound with a superb jazz instrumental. This song hits lyrical high marks  for social consciousness:

“teach what you know to the children, they will surely need the truth tomorrow to guide them further down the road.”

Wake Up” with its Nyabinghi rhythm and drum introduction, advises “Jah children wake up and stop walking in your sleep.” “No Friend of Mine” and   “Corruption” are some more serious conscious songs with a roots reggae sound.


Jah Cure bridges music and spirituality in the songs: “Rasta” –with its catchy chorus “1,2 Rasta is passing through. INI keeping it cool with real reggae music” and I Surrender” in which he expresses his strong faith in Jah. He keeps the positivity flowing with “Life We Live,”and “The Other Half of Me,”uplifting songs about enjoying life by remaining enthusiastic.

It is clear an evident that Jah Cure is on a mission to heal minds with “The Cure.” Jah Cure is successful on this album because he exceeds our expectations by combining his signature vocals with colorful lyrics and a high caliber production.

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