WATCH THIS: Jesse Royal “Gimme Likkle Herb / Finally” Official Music Video

Palace Pikney and Notis Link Up Inna Herbalistic Affair

One good thing about music, Bob Marley once observed, when it his you feel no pain. The same could be said of ganja, the healing of the nation, the leaf of life, coming to a dispensary near you. And now that the whole medicinal vape industry has taken hold, that green weed / brown weed color barrier is getting a lot more complex. You might get a dab of wax, a crumble, a shatter, a sativa-dominant indica hybrid. But down in Jamaica, Jesse Royal likes to keep it simple. On his latest single, a collab with the drum and bass duo Notis, Jesse just says “Gimme Likkle Herb” and you already know what time it is. The song says “likkle” herb but judging by this brand-new (directed by Jay Will for Game Over Films) Mr. Royal seems to have found himself an abundant supply. And check how well-worn the man’s cutting board is! Jesse may be taking it slow-slow-slow-slow but make sure you check this  video fast. Video After The Jump…

“Mek me cool up me nerve.” Blaze it!

Jesse Royal Live in NYC

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