WATCH THIS: Alborosie “Rocky Road” Official Music Video

Puppa Albo On Some Real-Life Shit


Alborosie reflects on the cycle of life and his own mortality in this thought-provoking video, portaying himself in a few years’ time, with grey dreads watching videotapes of the memories of his life. Come to think of it, the last time Boomshots caught up with Puppa Albo he was talking about being a father and contemplating retirement one day. Our bredren Frenchie at Maximum Sound just forwarded us this tune, which was produced, played, arranged, and mixed by Puppa Albo at Shengen Studios, so thankfully the artist shows no signs of slowing down at this moment. Still let’s make sure to apprecilove our artists while they’re here making sweet music. Bless up. Video After the Jump…

“Leaving you behind if you can’t stand the pace” Run that…

Reshma B Reasoning with Puppa Albo

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