Take A Sudden Flight Back to The Future

Protoje & Jesse Royal Bridge the Gap Between 1980s and 2015

Every now and then, a special tune hits the tympanic membrane, laden with both pearls of wisdom and music history. “Sudden Flight” by Protoje featuring Jesse Royal (from Protoje’s third studio album, Ancient future), lyrically advises the youth to use their God given talents and mind to overcome stress and oppression; instead of  guns. From it’s opening line, La Di Da Di , we don’t join nah party, “Sudden Flight” puts us in a time capsule and shoots us back to 1985 when  Bally’s, Adidas, Gucci suits, Kangol hats, Gold teeth and Rope Chains were in fashion and the Get Fresh Crew were the Kings of  1980’s Hip Hop. The song entitled “La Di Da Di” on Slick Rick’s Album, “The Art of Storytelling,”  had people break dancing and spinning on their head tops. The combination of the narrative poetry and humor of Slick Rick and classic beat boxing of Doug E. Fresh in this song, solidifies its spot as one of the top 10 Classic Hip Hop songs of all time. More After The Jump…

“La Di Da Di, We Like to Party”

Only “Sudden Flight” has a more serious message, as the opening lyrics prelude to, by negating joining a party. The lyrics  to “Sudden Flight” are in alignment with  a later Slick Rick tune made in 1988 “Hey Young World.” Both songs give positive  guidance to the youths  with moving visuals.

Hey, little kids don’t follow these dopes
Here’s a rule for the non cool… your life, don’t drool
Don’t be a fool like those that don’t go to school
Get ahead… and accomplish things
You’ll see the wonder and the joy life brings
Don’t admire thieves… hey they don’t admire you
Their time’s limited, hardrocks too
So listen, be strong, scream whoopee-doo
Go for yours, cause dreams come true
And you’ll make your mommy proud… so proud of you too
And this is a message… that the Ruler Rick threw
And it’s true



The chorus of “Sudden Flight” is delivered by Sevana, an upcoming artist with strong jazzy vocals to emphasize the message in the song. The song,  produced by Winta James, ignites with a phenomenal xyclophonic intro followed by piano and harmonic flows over the classic “Gun Shot Riddim” (1982,  created by Nkrumah Manley “Jah” Thomas).  The video directed by Yannick Reid and Taj Francis, shot in Jamaica, focuses on a ten year old boy contemplating using a firearm, given to him by a local gang leader or “Don.”

So we go back to the ancient ways untold secrets that remained unchanged
Mentally get unchained ah one goal ah one aim ah the same wha you saying

Got to stay true to the things you know are right
Nothing worth the gain you attain by Sudden Flight
Brother keep your goals in sight
Even in the darkest night
Have faith in the Father the one who shines your light


In April 2015, during a Hamburg, Germany performance of  “Sudden Flight,”  Protoje and Jesse Royal stirred up the conscious vibes, by  interpolating Anthony Johnson’s 1982 hit, “Everyday is A Gun Shot.”  The lyrics of this song merged perfectly with the  call to action lyrics of “Sudden Flight.”

Every day is a gunshot and another one get drop.
Me no want no more of that.
Love you brother and your sister,
And things will be much better, yeah.
If you live by the sword, you die by it.
If you live by the sword, you die by it.
You reap what you sow!
You reap what you sow!


INI holla straight up, wake up, wake up Sons of Jacob
Lay down their arms, real tools you fi take up!

Stay Up, Way Up, Sons of Jacob

Check out Protoje’s third studio album Ancient Future on iTunes and Jesse Royal  “Royally Speaking” Mixtape produced by Walshy Fire of  Major Lazer.

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