HEAR THIS: Red Fox & Screechy Dan “Skylarking”

Ruff Entry Crew Revisits A Horace Andy Classic

To skylark is to flitter about aimlessly, making no progressive movements and then begging somebody five cents to eat a food. Although the real-life birds may be very hard-working, their reputation for fuckery has inspired some nice reggae tunes. The metaphor was first employed by Horace “Sleepy” Andy, who cut classic versions of the tune for Studio One and Wackie’s, among others. Encouraging the youths to “earn your bread honestly” lest they “end up—up up in jail.” Some messages just never get old. Fast forward to 2015 and the great Screechy Dan and his lyrical sparring partner Red Fox have revamped the tune with Sting International on the production. You already know this one is a certified Boomshot. Audio After The Jump…

“Some a them skylarkin’, while we skywalkin’…” Run that…

Red Fox, Screechy & Shaggy Pon The Strictly Boomshots Show

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  1. Hello there,
    I am from East Africa,from a country called Kenya.The song lyrics is true.People prefer shortcuts to success and propsperity in life.It is important for people espeially my fellow youths to embrace the culture of honesty since honesty is the best policy.Thanks to Red fox and Screechy Dan.May Almighty God bless you…

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