HEAR THIS: John Holt “My Heart Is Gone”

Celebrating The Birth of a Legend

On this day in 1947, Winston “John” Holt was born in Greenwich Farm, Jamaica. His destiny in music was clear before he hit his teenage years, and he soon became a standout at the talent show circuit. His first recordings included “I Cried A Tear” for producer Leslie Kong and “Rum Bumper” a duet with Alton Ellis, for producer Randy Chin. He would of course go on to become a founding member of The Paragons, as well as one of Jamaican music’s most successful and prolific songwriters in his own right. He penned a rich catalog filled with internationally known hits, and yet everyone seems to have their own personal favorite John Holt tune. Before he grew his dreadlocks and starting singing more rebellious songs like “Police in Helicopter,” he was known as a romantic balladeer with legions of female fans. Some consider him a pioneer of the lovers rock style of reggae that later caught on in the UK—where he made his home for many years. Somehow John Holt seemed to particularly familiar with the sadder side of love, as he displayed on songs like “Tonight” and this one, which he first recorded for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One, and then re-versioned for Phil Pratt’s Sunshot label. It hasn’t been quite a full year since John Holt’s death—and there’s something about that first birthday after someone passes away. Those of us who aren’t quite ready to let him go will know exactly what this song is all about. Audio After The Jump…

Some of us may know this riddim from Shinehead’s modern classic “Strive.” But here comes the earlier version. Run that…

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