Flashback Friday: Wayne Wonder, “No Letting Go”

In 2003, when “No Letting Go”  hit MTV,  Wayne Wonder’s music career went into a projectile motion that continues to reach new heights.  Twelve years later, fans are still expressing their love for this song on YouTube and other social media. I caught up with Wayne Wonder this week to find out his inspiration for this song, which was Number 11 on Billboard Hot 100. Video and Interview After The Jump…

Got somebody, she is a beauty
Very special, really and truly
Take good care of me, like it’s her duty
Want you right by my side night and day


No letting go no holding back
Because you are my lady
When I’m with you its all of that
Girl I’m  so glad we’ve dated
No letting go no holding back
No holding back no, oh yeah
When I’m with you it’s all of that
All of that, yeah yeah


Charlene: Greetings Mr. Charles, Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder: Greetings, Greetings

Charlene: No Letting Go of this music thing

Wayne Wonder: No,  the works continue, in fact I’m collaborating with Sean Paul on a single in the studio right now, its called “This Party”

Charlene: Can’t wait to hear that, Singso! You started the label in 2000?

Wayne Wonder:  Yeah Singso started in 1999, we had a few artists but its difficult to find the ones really commited to the music thing, so a lot of the works are my music and collaborations with other established artists in the business

Charlene: Tell me about the mega hit, “No Letting Go”

Wayne Wonder: Well I pump out music like a factory; I release the product and then its on to the next project. I did not know that this would be that song when I wrote it. I heard the Diwali riddim first, produced by Steven “Lenky” Marsden, then I wrote the song in Queens, New York and went back to Jamaica to record it. It was written to show my lady, I really appreciate her.

Charlene: Besides the beautiful vocals, the lyrics are very expressive and thats  cool because usually men don’t poor those kinda feelings out

Wayne Wonder: Exactly, thats why I said “No letting go, no holding back” in the tune and “No Holding Back” was the title of the album too.

Charlene: The choreography in the video was amazing! Tell me about shooting this video in Jamaica

Wayne Wonder: The visual was  directed by Little X and shot in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in December 2002. The dancers were a combination of local male and female dance troupes in Jamaica; the best of the best. Then my love interest in the video, was a beautiful natural girl with that “Girl Next Door” look….we contemplated having the model type but since the lyrics were so genuine I wanted a realness and to have a more authentic look to the video.

Charlene: The choices you and Little X made for this video, has people still watching and talking about it on social media in 2015.

Wayne Wonder: Yes. I’m proud of this work because it really created a buzz and then the  record labels were ready to sign me up.

Charlene: How did you come to music in the first place?

Wayne Wonder: Going to Choir Practice at Church  with my mother, I began exercising my vocals. Then with the soundsytems in RayTown  like Metro Media and Stone Love, I developed my sound.

Charlene: So what’s coming up for you besides the project with Sean Paul?

Wayne Wonder: I have two one drop songs out, “Let Me Love You” and “Gift to My Life,” I will email them to you

Charlene: Pure niceness! Thank you for granting Boomshots Magazine, the opportunity to interview you

Wayne Wonder: Anytime, my pleasure. Respect Charlene


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