Dada Playlist: 10 Songs Dedicated to Fathers

Boomshots Magazine Presents Multi-genre Playlist for Father’s Day 2015

In honor of the wonderful fathers who present themselves as role models for their children, Boomshots Magazine brings you the finest selection of tunes dedicated to Dada. This 10 song playlist covers several genres including reggae, hip hop, gospel, dub,  rhythm & blues and jazz. Countdown After The Jump…

1. Luciano- “Oh Father I Love Thee”

The first song on this playlist is dedicated to the “Almighty Father. ” From the Luciano album, God is Greater Than Man, “Oh Father I Love Thee” lyrically points  to the father of all fathers; the father for those with fathers and even the fatherless. This beautiful dedication by the reggae icon,  reminds us that the father above all fathers has known us,  been with us and will never leave nor forsake us:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” Jeremiah 1:5

2. Damian Marley- There  For You (Live Performance)

The piloerection on your arms and the back of your neck,  in conjunction with the  lyrical dialogue of prayers and teachings, almost makes you feel like you are listening to an actual conversation between Damian Marley and his father, the legendary, Bob Marley.

“You gave precious life to me, now, so I live my life for you!” 

Furthermore, the love from the vertical relationship between father and son and transcends horizontally to personal relationships.

3. Nas featuring Olu Dara- Bridging the Gap 

Leave it to Nasir Jones, to bridge the gap between generations. In this song the wisdom of the past meets the curiosity of the youths. Jazz horns ride over hip hop beats creating a fusion of music genres and the ultimate eargasm. The visual shows off the talent of this powerful father and son team.

“But Pops gave me the right type of tools to think with”

4. Luther Vandross- Dance with My Father Again

This song is a special one, for those who have shared precious and unforgettable moments with their father.  The late, great Luther Vandross delivers soft, breathy vocals to emphasize the tenderness of such memories. In the video we see images of Luther and his father as well as cameos from fathers and children in the entertainment industry. In today’s world of autotune, one can truly appreciate the  amazing, signature vocals of R&B extraodinaire, Luther Vandross.

5. Vybz Kartel- Good Father

“Everybody love dem mother, but wha happen to di father”

With paternity shows like Maury Povich, the infamous punchline,  “You are the Father,” and the prevalence of absentee fathers, fathers are getting a bad wrap. However, Vybz Kartel reminds the world with this song, that good fathers still exist. In the song he defines a “good”  father as “a real man” that will never leave their children under any circumstance.

6. Spragga Benz featuring Jasmine Sullivan and Stephen Marley- Stays the Same

 Spragga Benz made this personal dedication to his son, Carlyle Grant. The lyrics are relatable to fathers who have physically lost their child but remain spiritually bonded and eternally in love with their off spring.

“Sometimes you blessed with this gift of love, and then you destined to miss that love and then a very blessed,  more mystic love, help you through the pain, help you through the sorrow. My loving lives on though!”

7. Supercat- Don Dada

Duck and move out of the way of this lyrical daddy, unless you want a verbal  slaughter.

“Gold teet, front teet, side teet,  colored teet, a we pull all teet”

8. Christopher Martin – Just Like You

 Special dedication from Christopher Martin to his father, “Daddy A Mi General.” Christopher shows appreciation for his nurturing father who continues to guide him throughout his life.

“There is no better man that I want to emulate.”

9. Midnite-New Life

Ron Benjamin from one of the best bands in the world, Midnite, writes a tune about the beautiful blessing of becoming a father. Congratulations to the fathers expecting new life.

10. Brianna Haynes -“Through the Eyes of My Father”

“But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is man; and the head of Christ is God.” 1 Corinthians 11:3

The vertical relationship between God, man and woman is noted in the bible verse above. Brianna Haynes takes this scripture to the next level, when she expresses how the love from her father on earth, teaches her about the love from God above.

” I see love from my father in Heaven, through the eyes of my father on Earth”

We commend all the artists on the list for covering a full spectrum of lyrics to define fatherhood. We salute the Father of all Fathers in song 1 by Luciano, “Oh Father, I Love Thee.” We remember the fathers who have passed on with sincere condolences, as in song 4 by Luther Vandross, “Dance with My Father.” We admire the eternal love of father’s who have lost a child as in song 6, by Spragga Benz, “Stays the Same,” which features Jasmine Sullivan and Stephen Marley. We congratulate the new fathers as in song 9 by Midnite, “New Life.” We thank the fathers who have adopted children under their wings, the extended fathers-stepfathers, godfathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, mentors and educators for fathering the children in your community.

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