WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Unruly Prayer” Official Music Video

Papi Plugs Into A Higher Power & Counts His Blessings

Before Andrae Sutherland lays his head on the pillow at night, he has to give thanks. After all, when you consider the blessings that reach the Unruly Boss on a daily basis, it’s truly remarkable. He’s from a place where dog eat dog, and look at him now. “God make me bless inna real life,” Popcaan sings on his latest selection. “I’m protected by the Most High.” Over a few pensive chords courtesy of  UIM Productions, Papi counts his blessings like beads on a rosary string, before shouting out his thugs who pass and gone, all who inna jailhouse, and then runs down a lengthy roll call of his family, friends, and loved ones—from Squid and Squiddel to Jamie, Creep and Chi Ching Ching. He even shouts out the OVO crew, from Drizzy Drake down to Oliver. No matter how much links you have all over, Father God run bout yah for real.  “Tell the Devil keep him distance.” Video After The Jump…

“Me no fear demons nor enemies.” Let it go…

Popcaan “R.I.P.” & “Everything Nice” Unplugged

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