Randy Valentine Is “Still Pushing”

The UK Singer Won’t Let You Pass Him By

“We still a push, we still a try,” Randy Valentine wails on the title track to his EP Still Pushing. “The gideon train is coming and mi cyan let it pass mi by/And when my well is running dry I don’t sit down and cry/We still a push, Almighty know we have to fly.” This is a pretty apt definition of the inspiration behind RV’s latest compilation of tracks—steadfast tenacity in trying times and the upliftment of people who strive toward better days. The EP’s first single “Wake The Town” has been in heavy rotation across the world, yielding various chart positions. Video & Interview After The Jump…Run that…

“The core message behind this EP is ‘never forget and never give up,” says the UK-based Clarendonian. Since releasing Bring Back The Love mixtape (2012) and Break The Chain EP (2014), Randy’s shown no signs of giving up. Between whistle-stop tours across Europe, USA, Australia and Jamaica he’s released such riddim singles as “Lock Me Up” and “Treat Her Right.” Along the way the world has caught on to the ‘RV-lution—a contagious mantra of love, togetherness and I-nity driven by the power of sweet reggae music. It is not just about his talent, mind you, but what the man’s music is really saying.

Still Pushing was released via EU based label Hemp Higher and the eight track offering was produced by Joe Ariwa—the son of the legendary dub magician Mad Professor—on the revered Ariwa Sounds label. Naturally the project has a distinct roots reggae sound, more so than any former project of Randy’s, which has served to highlight his broad scope. The tracklist includes fan favorite “Black Cinderella,” a sugar-sweet ode to all African Queens, the life seeds of “Mama Said,” and plenty of refreshing social commentary  peppered throughout. Soon after its release Still Pushing hit the top spot on iTunes UK Reggae Chart.

So what inspired the concept behind this EP? Randy explains that it was upon his poignant return to his homeland Jamaica after leaving ten years prior that: “I had already started recording the project but was still unsure of the title. After a few weeks of spending time with my family and catching up with old friends. The inspiration came from looking around and realising that everyone, both old and young, was doing the same thing that they’ve been doing since I left…still carrying on, still pushing.”

He continues: “Success in any measure can only be attained by being consistently persistent, pushing beyond your expectations to achieve extraordinary results. I hope that when listening to this project, people draw strength in challenging times.”

Reshma B Reasoning with RV

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