#TBT Buju Banton in VIBE Magazine October 1993

The Strength of the Gargamel

The striking image of Buju Banton was shot by photographer Christian Witkin for the first major profile of the superstar DJ written by Joan Morgan and edited by Boomshots founder and publisher Rob Kenner for the October 1993 issue of Vibe magazine. The story was pegged to the release of his major label debut Voice of Jamaica. Buju’s fist represents his strength through adversity and the Africa ring was an early indication that the controversial young baldhead artist who had taken the dancehall world by storm with the smash hits on his classic Penthouse album Mr. Mention and had already become infamous in the mainstream media for his song “Boom Bye Bye” had much more on his mind than that tune might suggest. Full Details After The Jump…Shout to #JonathanVanMeter and #GeorgePitts for having the courage to let this story happen when many believed it was a bad idea.  “The media’s nice and the media can be bad,” Buju told Joan. “But I know where the media is concerned they’ve got to write and I’ve got to live. So they do their thing and I do mine.”

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Reasoning with Buju in 1992

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