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Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy Buck Up The Far East Rulers Inna Dubwise Extravaganja

“We’ve pretty much been working on this forever,” says Addis Pablo, son of melodica master Augustus Pablo and co-founder of Suns of Dub, along with Ras Jammy, who is (contrary to popular belief) no relation to King Jammy nor—despite a striking similarity of appearance—to the elder Pablo’s frequent sparring partner Hugh Mundell. The pair first met at Rockers International Record Shop and began dubbing live—with Addis on melodica and Jammy mixing tunes and crucial sound effects—at Jamaican hotspots like Kingston Dub Club. Inspiration for this mixtape struck when the Suns traveled to Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) last October and linked with Cojie, Mighty Crown’s roots/foundation specialist, and began plotting their brand-new 40-track hour-plus excursion pon the version. The sounds thereon includes self-produced instrumental tracks and dubplate specials seasoned with vocals by the likes of Chronixx, Jesse Royal, Sizzla, Luciano, Lauryn Hill, and Mr. Williamz. Suns of Dub begins a UK tour today (see the full schedule below) and will tour Europe this summer as an onstage dub production team onstage with an expanded lineup (including Jah Bammy on vocals, Carlo on binghi drums and additional instrumentation courtesy of Dub Assassin) plus a 16-track mixing board to allow unique and precise mixes at each and every show. “We try to keep it spontaneous,” says Addis, “the next thing we could add a rock guitar or a violin or a tuba.” Ras Jammy agrees that audiences should expect the unexpected. “Last year we were playing the chalice onstage and smoke up the place.” Addis adds, laughing, “Steamers!” Audio & Interview After The Jump…

They chose their name for several reasons: “We are sons genetically but not being gender specific,” explains Ras Jammy. “The sun is also a big contributor to life, something that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you healthy, just like the dub music that contributes to your spiritual health.” Addis adds that “The sun illuminates the whole earth and what we’re doing with our whole program, we’re highlighting the works of King Tubby, Scratch, and my dad and the whole evolution of dub around the world from day one—the foundation. Of course for me that’s who I am. I can’t really NOT do that. Instead of being stars we want to be like the sun.”


Noting the profound influnce of dub music on modern genres like hip-hop, drum and bass, dubstep, and all forms of EDM, Jammy reveals: “If you look at the hottest music right now it’s electronic music and when we sat down with Skrillex he told us it’s 100% dub and 100% Jamaican music. So it is an integral part.” Moreover, he adds, “At the same time it gives a special effect o the human body. If you look at an EDM concert people go wild. Dub puts people in a trance—differently from a reggae show or dancehall. Plus there’s not many lyrics in dub so it’s more universal. Words can interfere. They can be confusing sometimes.”

The duo dismisses any notion of a dub revival. “You can’t revive dub,” says Addis. It’s just dub yunno. The difference with dub is it’s very personal. You get the feeling. Not every music is able to express those feelings. Dub is more detailed. The expression of the instruments. The expression of the engineer. So you get more of a taste of the whole process of creativity. Dub goes so far and wide that you can never get rid of it. Reggae does the same thing but dub goes further, it goes deeper into the crevices of everywhere.”


And so without further ado, Boomshots proudly presents to you “The Far East Mixtape”:


0. Intro – Various Artists – 0:00
1. Spread You Bed Special – Luciano x Maximum Sound x Mighty Crown – 1:53
2. Freedom Dub – Jesse Royal x Mighty Crown x Suns of Dub – 3.39
3. Muddy Dub (Victory) Jesse Royal x Dubkasm x Mighty Crown – 5:25
4. Teach the Youths About Garvey – Roots by Nature (Suns of Dub) – 8:21
5. Addis Uptown (Green Lion meets Suns of Dub) – 10.44
6. Special Front – Addis Pablo x Suns of Dub – 13:33
7. EveryDay Life – Addis Pablo x Billy Polo 15:49
8. Dancing Addis – Addis Pablo x King Tubby 17:44
9. Sweetest Dub – Lauryn Hill x Mighty Crown x Suns of Dub – 20:10- 23:47
10. Western Land Live in Hong Kong – Masia One x Suns of Dub – 23.48
11. Fyah (Chapter I) – Masia One x Suns of Dub – 25.01
12. Ring Di Alarm Dubplate – Shanique Marie – 27.07
13. Praise Di King Melodica – Addis Pablo x DO 27.49
14. Steppas’ Delight – Addis Pablo x Shadow Shogun – 29.33
15. My Mind – Hugh Mundell x Suns of Dub 31.41
16. Say it aint Dance Mix – Sezi x Suns of Dub – 32.52
17. Move Dem – El Toro x Sizzla x Suns of Dub 33.42
18. Jah Presence – Suns of Dub – 35.21
19. Good Vibes – Mr. Williamz – 36.42
20. Rastafari Rise – Hempress Sativa – 38.22
21. Places – Suns of Dub x Equiknoxx {Preview} – 39:58
22. Ancient Dubplate – Jah Bami (Suns of Dub) – 40:42
23. Dub Full of Love – Khari Kill x Suns of Dub – 42:18
24. Dub in Babylon – Yami Bolo – 43:30
25. Walkin – Toddla T x Suns of Dub – 44:42
26. Something Special – Keida x Mighty Crown – 46:42
27. Dub for Something – Keida x Suns of Dub – 48:25
28. Ganja Tea Special – Keida x Equiknoxx x Suns of Dub – 49:18
29. Legalize It Special – Masicka x Equiknoxx x Suns of Dub – 49:57
30. Winter Morning – Randy Valentine x Dub Assassins x Suns of Dub – 51:09
31. Beautiful Flower (Rose) – Prince Alla x Dub Assassins x Suns of Dub – 53:46
32. Dinner of Herbs – Roots by Nature x MiraFlowers x Suns of Dub – 55:19
33. Melodica of Herbs – Addis Pablo x MiraFlowers x Suns of Dub – 56:37
34. In Him Verse II (Dub) – Addis Pablo x Mystical Powa – 58:10
35. Unite Special – Hugh Mundell x Chronixx x Suns of Dub – 1:00:58
36. Sing my Dub – Jaqee x Foresta x Suns of Dub – 1:03:27
37. Jah Dub Us – BuzzRock x Suns of Dub – 1:06:15
38. Worry Free – Midnite x IGrade Dub x Rockers International 1:08:05
39. WiseDub – BuzzRock x Suns of Dub – 1:10:37
40. Master Plan – BuzzRock x Suns of Dub 1:14:18


UK Tour Dates

1 April Newcastle
2 April Clitheroe
3 April Manchester
4 April Leeds
5 April Nottingham
6 April London
24 April Teachings in Dub, Bristol
25 April United Nations of Dub festival
26 April United Nations of Dub festival

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