WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Text Message” Live

Turf Prez Previews Hard-Hitting Track From His Next Album on Jamaican TV

Down near the end of a recent interview about his charitable endeavors, Busy Signal casually dropped some big news: the Turf Prezident has a double album in the works. “We haven’t finalised the name yet,” he told the Jamaica Observer, “but we’re looking at about August-September. In the meantime, we’re focusing on some visuals because people want to see what they’re buying. We’re shooting three videos today.” Three in one day? No wonder they call him Busy. During a recent pass through OnStage TV, Busy performed one of those tracks, and tore up the place. Video After the Jump…

The brand-new songs Busy is shooting videos for are titled “Welcome,” “Kuff,” and “Text Message.” Watch him perform the latter—which Busy says will be seven minutes long—live OnStage.

“OMG LOL she a type bare rubbish caw she can’t spell” Run that…
Busy Signal “Text Message” LIVE pon OnStage

Reshma B chats with Busy About Upcoming Projects

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