HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid “Well Done”

Accurate! As Riverton Dump Blazes, Kabaka Buns Out Overpopulation & Waste Mismanagement.

“Music is the Weapon of the Future,” Fela Kuti once declared, and he used his power as an artist to bring about immediate political change for the good of the people. Kabaka Pyramid follows in that proud tradition with his latest song, the sarcastically titled “Well Done,” which was produced by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. In the tune, Kabaka blazes a fire on Jamaica’s political leaders for selling out the people and leaving the island nation in a serious predicament. “I don’t want it to look like I’m on a all-out attack against the government, but I want people to be aware that they have a say in the governance of the country,” the prolific lyricist said when asked by the Jamaica Observer newspaper. “It might be a harsh statement but I see no inclination that politicians are interested wholeheartedly in the welfare of the people.” The song makes mention of the IMF debt as well as lopsided development deals with Spanish and Chinese interests that Kabaka blames for shortchanging Jamaica. But since smoke from the Riverton dump fire began fouling the air, the waste management debacle has given the song fresh meaning. Kabaka took to Instagram today to make the connection. Audio After The Jump…



Reshma B Reasoning with Kabaka in Miami

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