HEAR THIS: Cocoa Tea “Stay In School”

Ting A Ling A Ling, School Bell Ah Ring

”There is a lack of consciousness from what the music used to be,” says the legendary Cocoa Tea. “it’s becoming what it is not to be.” But rather than criticizing or complaining, the singer is fighting back with word sound and power. “If one of my songs can be remembered and or quoted, and be of inspiration or guidance to anyone, then I shall be forever happy with my contribution musically.” After pursuing work as a jockey and a fisherman, it was the birth of his first child back in the early ’80s that strengthened Cocoa Tea’s decision to launch into music full time. And with this tune, he continues his legacy of teaching the youths consciousness through music. All proceeds from “Stay in School”—to be released by VP Records—will be donated to charity.  Audio After the Jump…

“Education ah you tool.” Run that…

RGAT Reasoning with Cocoa Tea

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