HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “WhatsApp”

Turf Prez Inna Soca Style

Back in 1984 when Byron Lee and the Dragonaires created their classic hit, “Tiny Winey,” they could not have predicted that this song about a provocative dancer could inspire another soca tune, thirty-one years later. Busy Signal explains that he particularly enjoyed the tune’s exuberant narrative—as well as its infectious riddim—and wanted to create a song,  similar in  style. This gave rise to his recent release, “WhatsApp” which is getting heavy rotation throughout the Caribbean, particularly in Trinidad and Tobago. The lyrics don’t stray far from the topic of “wining, ” as in “Tiney Winey,”  but they also address the impact of social media on today’s society. The man stays busy—so it’s no surprise to hear another crossover hit from this artist.  Audio After The Jump…


Check out the audio of Busy Signal’s latest song, “WhatsApp” below, followed by a post performance interview at the “Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise,” in October 2014. Busy Signal discusses the  tribute to John Holt during his segment and gives Reshma B, an exclusive teaser for yet, another upcoming song! Hotted!
“She Say the Signal Good,  Me Have the Hotspot” …

Busy Chats with Reshma B About Upcoming Projects

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