Reggae Got The World Loctite!

Adhesive Company Uses Reggae to Market Its Brand to 110 million viewers!

The most entertaining commercials come on during the Superbowl and the Loctite  Superglue Company wins, using reggae music to market its brand in 2015. Loctite spent 4.5 million for a 30 second, first-time, advertising slot during Superbowl XLIX. This is more than the German company usually spends on advertising annually, however with the help of the Fallon agency, Loctite is  trending more than the spectacular game and halftime show. It was a great marketing strategy for the adhesive company, with the Superbowl having an estimated 110 million viewers.  More After The Jump…

The unsigned Rookie, free agent, Malcolm Butler’s visionary, goal-line interception made for an exciting end to Superbowl XLIX, with the Patriots winning by 28 points over the Seahawks, who scored 24 points.

Besides the close game, the half-time show, was superb with Katie Perry bringing out Miss Elliot to “Get Ur Freak On” and Lenny Kravitz to rock out.

However one Superbowl commercial had people glued to their television sets. The laid back reggae vibe of Tim Heideker and Eric Wareheim “Positive Feelings” ad for Loctite,  along with some funky dancing and a hilarious production, made for a cooler than cool Superbowl commercial. In the ad, you see a man reach into a fanny pack for his tube of Loctite, to repair his symmetrically broken glasses, singing:

“Its Me

If you make a ting or break a ting Its no problem

Loctite will fix it up and put it back together again”

Following this an older woman wearing pink shades, uses this product to fasten a “winking unicorn” brooch to her denim jacket. Then  a bunch of twerking “Loctite” dancers take over the dancefloor. Reggae music turned up the volume in this Super Bowl commercial  and now everything Loctite, for this brand of super glue.

“Loctite Yeah- Woi”

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  1. Yael says:

    That commercial was definitely the best on in the Super Bowl. Funny entertaining and struck the right chord; love it. loctite, woi!!, the Artist that sang and wrote it goes by the name Afayah. He is one of my favorite reggae singers his Twitter handle is @afayahmusic FYI that’s was not him in the video.

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