HEAR THIS: Kendrick Lamar ft. Assassin “The Blacker The Berry”

K Dot Links Sasco On A Revolutionary Record

Assassin aka Agent Sasco is your favorite rapper’s favorite dancehall star. First Kanye West enlisted him to drop bars on the standout Yeezus track, “I’m In It.” Yesterday the consensus pick for best rapper alive dropped a new track from the forthcoming (and highly anticipated) follow-up to his classic 2012 album good kid, m.A.A.d city. The song’s a lyrical tour-de-force of course, touching on racism, mental slavery, violence and hypocrisy. It’s thrilling to hear two of the world’s greatest doing what they do best, coming together across cultural and geographical lines through the art of riding riddims. Of course, it would have been even more thrilling if Assassin were credited for the feature, but Boomshots went ahead and gave him that on the strength cause it’s only right. Audio After The Jump…

Sasco’s bars:
I said they treat me like a slave caw me black
Whoi we feel whole heap ah pain caw we black
I man ah say they put me in a chain caw we black
Imagine now, big gold chain full of rocks
How you no see the whip left scars pon me back
But now we have a big whip parked pon the block
How dem ah say we doomed from the start caw we black?
Remember this: every race start from the block
Just remember that
Run it…

Assassin x Reshma B

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Assassin Photo by Mark Shaw

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