Free Up The Herbs: 40 of Reggae’s Highest-Grade Ganja Anthems

Marijuana Laws May Be Changing, But These Rebel Music Selections Will Keep Playing Forever

Every day brings new headlines about voters in the U.S.A. passing medical marijuana laws and American states decriminalizing reefer—even as the Federal government reserves the right to swoop in and prosecute whoever however whenever. Meanwhile venture capitalists continue to align themselves with the Bob Marley estate in order to build a global ganja brand. It feels like a bright new day in the long-running batttle to legalize Jamaica’s national herb. But don’t sleep: the Governor General has yet to sign the proposal that would allow Rastas to cultivate for personal use and corporations to cultivate for profit. And Jamaica’s Governor General still answers to the Queen of England, so there’s no telling what will happen. Meanwhile youths all over the world are still getting locked up for illegal possession of the wisdom weed. So the binghi drums have to beat and songs like these have to play, words sounds and power. These are not just “weed tunes” but songs about the real-life struggles surrounding ganja prohibition. say are they just one-line shout-outs, like the tune where Bounty and Cham said “tell the government free up the weed policy,” as wicked as that was. These are the rabble-rousing songs dedicated to defending marijuana growers and sellers and smokers from all forms of downpression. Some relate to the nitty-gritty details of the hustler’s life, others focus on police efforts to fight against the weed, while others make the case for legalization. Any topic that could inspire so much great music has to be important. Just like Josey Wales said on track #20, “It Haffi Bun.” And these songs have to play. Audio After The Jump; Countdown Continues Above

#40 Mystic Revealers ft. Chronixx “Herb Must Legalize Now”

Billy Mystic links back with Chronixx di General, who was once one of the youths who performed at Mystic’s Jamnesia surf club in Bull Bay. “Since we call for the legalization of the weed inna Jamaica, the government introduce a bill to decriminalize the weed,” said Billy Mystic on the day of the big announcement, February 25, which also happens to be his birthday. “It’s a step in the right direction, but they just decriminalize it. We want it legalize too so we still push out the sound.” Mystic revealed that the current version is just a “pre-release” of the song which will eventually feature other guest vocals. “We still ah work pon it. We ah put some other artists pon it.” Stay tuned.

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