Reasoning with Sizzla: “You Must Recognize Rasta, Else A Lightning and Thunder”

After Closing Rebel Salute 2015, Kalonji Speaks On Truths and Rights

Say what you like about Sizzla Kalonji, but the man nah tek back no chat. After a fiery early morning performance to cap the second day of Rebel Salute 2015, the sweat-drenched dancehall legend took time out for a brief but extremely intense interview with the Reggae Girl About Town. The two spoke about Rebel Salute’s theme, the “preservation of reggae” with Sizzla asserting that countries like England and France are “trying to take reggae from black people with pen and paper and contracts.” They also spoke on the movement to legalize ganja. “Ganja free down here man,” Sizzla scoffed. “But them wan’ make money offa the ganja. And enough people them prosecute for the ganja. So the Rastaman plan to slap them some judgment. Rastaman been agitating for marijuana as a medicinal purpose and a holy sacrament and Babylon no wan’ do that. But now they want to legalize it to sell. So now the judgment is on. You must recognize Rasta, else a lightning and thunder.” The very next week Jamaica’s parliament tabled a bill to decriminalize ganja after 68 years of prohibition, with special provisions to allow Rastfarians to cultivate their own herbs in designated areas. Coincidence? The proposed law would also clear the way for a legal medical marijuana industry, so it looks like Sizzla is right on both counts. Video After The Jump…

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